onsdag den 1. juni 2011

My Brink character atm.

This is my Brink character atm, a Rank 2 Level 9 Soldier with the Light Body Type:

Primarily using the Carb-9 with a drum-mag, speedsling and adjusted ironsights. This is one of the better SMG's ingame now, but i might change it out with the Kross since it got a little more RPM.

As a secondary i use the Sea-Eagle with speedholster, adjusted ironsights, upvent muzzleflash and rapidfire. This gun is a LIFESAVER due to its high damage and the rapidfire upgrade.

Before i unlocked the Light Body Type on this guy and used the Medium instead, i used the Lobster Grenade Launcher as a primary weapon. It can me a pain in the ass for the enemy, since it knocks over enemies you hit with it, making it great for stopping advancing foes. That is more fun than Noobtubing in CoD.. ;)

8 kommentarer:

  1. This looks like a cool game!!

  2. Daaaamn, i wish the game would stop kicking me out so i could play.... :(

  3. Thinking about getting this game but havent come around to a decision yet

  4. Might pick this game up when I get money. Looks pretty good.

  5. That's a sweet looking pistol. Definitely considering buying Brink!